To this, the pure research investigates center to mean, this rightness of margin activity of newly arisen growths type small business enterprise will produce huge influence;At the same time, the Niu hands over then comment on to think, the bill contributes to drawing on more small and medium enterprises including Chinese business enterprise to become available in the market in the United States.

  The JOBS bill aims at a newly arisen growth type company(Emerging Growth Companies), is lower than the company of USD 1,000,000,000 in the recent fiscal year sales income, shine on this definition, mostly hope to leave for the small and medium enterprises companies that the United States becomes available in the market to all apply the bill.

  Become available in the market in the simplification cheap oakley sunglasses process, bill's resuming can hand over a meeting(SEC) secret to deliver to register a document to American certificate and recruit manual at the phase zero, before now in December, 2011 all foreign companies just was modified in order to publicly deliver to, this time again resumed a secret to deliver to;Become available in the market to prolong to 5 years, grace period after, just need to satisfy a Sa class bill 404 items carry on auditing to match a rules request and carry on disclosing towards involving informations, such as control audit and management layer salary level...etc. in the finance information, business enterprise inner part, all companies needing after IPO before now the first complete fiscal year will start;Allow in the process of becoming available in the market to go analyst and latent investor to carry on contact in the COACH Sun Glasses company and the hurl;Allow hurl to go analyst at'silent period'announce to grind a report;Recruit a book need provide audit for two years finance data, before now all needed three years, the information disclosed take charge of have loosen.

  The analytical personage thinks that from become available in the market the simplification degree of process see, the bill leaves for direct margin in the second class market to have to obviously promote and boost effect to the small and medium enterprises.American Labor Department announces recently of in March non- agriculture employment the data is lower than an expectation, mean the economy recovery,such as market, anticipates to have unexpected obstacles with frustrated, how promote and boost the vitality and growth of American privately owned section business enterprise, stimulate an improvement employment market further, is the problem that president Obama's government needs  solution  urgently.

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